Nokia’s latest promo video pits the Lumia 928 against the the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S4

Nokia thinks its flagship Lumia 92x range has the best cameras in town and the Finnish company can often be heard bringing up how awesome their snappers are. The latest video shows off the Lumia 928(that’s Verizon’s xenon and AMOLED packing 920 version) and pits it against the Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4.

The Nokia Lumia 928 camera has several things to brag about, including Optical Image Stabilization, HAAC mics and low-light performance. We’ve seen it take flight, but this video focuses on the low-light photos.

Actually, we’ve already seen Nokia compare the Lumia 928′s low-light prowess, at least this time the Finns used the current generation Galaxy S phone.

Anyway, if you’re convinced this is the phone for you, you can grab it from Verizon for $99 (after $50 rebate) and a 2-year contract (it’s $500 without the 2-year commitment).

If you prefer T-Mobile or don’t live in the US, then you should wait for the Lumia 925, which is similar (it’s thinner but lacks the xenon flash). It’s coming next month for €470 / $610.


Nokia puts out first TV ad for the new Lumia 928

Nokia spent a lot of time releasing teaser videos for the Lumia 928 and then without much fanfare announced the phone itself (even the Asha 501 got its own event). Anyway, the ad campaign continues with the first TV ad.

The ad focuses heavily on the camera features of the Verizon-bound flagship. The Nokia Lumia 928 is the first phone in a long while to pack a xenon flash.

It also has Optical Image Stabilization, Carl Zeiss lens and a laundry list of Lumia-exclusive features. There are also three HAAC microphones to record high-quality sound even in very loud environments.

Check out the ad to see them in action:

Nokia Lumia 928 for Verizon goes official, xenon flash in tow

Everyone thought that Nokia will announce the Lumia 928 at the May 14 event – well, it won’t, the official announcement just occured. The phone is exclusive to Verizon and as expected is a beefed up version of the Lumia 920.


The Nokia Lumia 928 packs an 8.7MP image sensor that is optically stabilized and sits behind a 26mm wide-angle Carl Zeiss lens with F/2.0 aperture. Unlike the 920, the new model packs Xenon flash alongside the standard LED flash. It’s quite impressive, considering that the Lumia 928 is just 0.5mm thicker than the Lumia 920.

The Nokia Lumia 928 can capture 1080p video at 30fps and record sounds as loud as 140dB thanks to its HAAC wide dynamic range microphones.

The screen is different too – it’s still 4.5″ in diagonal with 768 x 1,280 pixels resolution, but it’s an AMOLED display with ClearBlack and a High Brightness mode for up to 500 nits of brightness. It’s still super sensitive and works with fingernails and gloves.

Other than that, the Lumia 928 is not too different from AT&T’s Lumia 920 – it runs Windows Phone 8 on a 1.5GHz dual-core Krait processor with 1GB of RAM, packs 32GB of built-in memory and a 2,000mAh battery.

On the connectivity side there’s Verizon’s fast 4G LTE along with dual-band Wi-Fi a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC. The phone supports wireless charging too.

Nokia Lumia 928 official images

The phone will, of course, come with exclusive Nokia goodies like HERE Drive+ worldwide SatNav, Nokia Music, Transit, City Lens and more.

The Nokia Lumia 928 will be available May 16 from Verizon for $100 after a $50 mail-in rebate on a 2-year contract. For a limited time you’ll also get a $25 voucher for the Windows Marketplace. There will be two color versions at launch – Black and White.