Asus posts Q1 financial report, profits boosted by 3 million tablet sales

Asus has posted its quarterly financial report, covering the three months ending in March. The manufacturer has made $3.5 billion in revenue and $202 million net profit. The numbers compare favorably to both the previous quarter and the same period of last year.

The detailed breakdown reveals that the PC sales of the company have been affected by the overall market slowdown, but the strong performance of the Asus tablets has done well to compensate for it. Asus managed to ship 3 million tablets over the past three months, securing a sizeable chunk of the growing market.

Asus has also expressed its optimism regarding the future of Windows 8 tablets and plans to bet more heavily on those in the future. The Taiwanese manufacturer has announced its plans to develop Windows 8 slates that share common platforms with its Android offerings, expecting the price difference between the two to be just about $50.