Do you use Google services including Gmail, YouTube, Blogger, Picasa etc.? Do you want todownload your whole Google data offline at once in form of archive? Now, it is possible guys. Google has included its popular services like Gmail, Blogger, YouTube to its Takeout service and that’s why now you’ll be able to download your Gmail and other Google data simply on your PC for offline use.

Download Google Data

Google started this takeout service because all Google users can store their whole Google data at one place and simply access it anytime even they are offline. So, through this service you can download all YouTube videos uploaded by you, photos uploaded on Picasa by you, your posts on blogger and all your mails on Gmail etc.

How To Download a Copy of Google Data

Now, have a look on the simple steps given below regarding to download gmail and other Google data on your laptop or computer.

  • First of all visit the web link and log in with your Google account. After that, you need to click on Create an archive button.

Click on create an archive button

  • Now, select Google products from which you would like to download data, and configure the download settings for each product. After all, click on Create Archive.

Select Google Products to create archive

  • As you’ll click on Create Archive, it will start preparing your selected Google product’s data archive. It will be emailed you when your archive will complete.

Preparing Archive

At last, when your archive will ready to download, then you’ll receive an email in your inbox. It may take a long time (hours or possibly days) to create archive. So, on receiving email, again visit the and click on My Archives. Here you’ll find your recent made archive that you can download in minutes.


Google to finally shutdown Buzz on July 17, will backup your posts on Google Drive

Back in October 2011, Google announced that they will be shutting down the ill-fated Google Buzz social network. Now, the company is taking the final steps towards this goal but before they delete all your Buzz related data, they will be backing it up on Google Drive on or after July 17, 2013.



Buzz users will find a copy of all their Buzz posts in a new private folder in their Google Drive account. A second, publicly accessible folder will be made for all your public posts on Drive. As with other files on Drive, you can choose to download, share or delete these files. These newly-created files will not count against your storage limits.

Your files will only contain your posts and comments left on your posts by others. Your comments on others’ posts will appear in their backup. If you don’t wish to have a backup of your Buzz posts you should delete them before July 17 from your Google Dashboard.

Google to Retire Checkout in November 2013


Google will retire its payment processing service, Google Checkout, on November 20, 2013, as part of a transition to its multi-platform payment system — Google Wallet.

Checkout was launched in June 2006, as an alternative to PayPal. Initially free, the service was gradually moved to a tiered cost structure, similar to PayPal’s.

Google explains what the retirement means for Checkout merchants, Google Play developers and users in a blog post.

In a nutshell, merchants will be able to accept payments through Checkout until November 20, 2013, after which they’ll have to transition to a different payment processing service. To make things easier, Google has partnered with Braintree, Shopify and Freshbooks.

Google Play developers selling through Google properties other than Wallet — such as Google Play or the Chrome Web Store — will automatically be transitioned to the Google Wallet Merchant Center in the next few weeks.

Finally, shoppers will be able to use Google Wallet to make purchases on merchant apps and sites, as well as Google properties, using the Google Wallet button.

Google Knowledge Graph reminders can now be sent directly to Google Now

Hot off the Google I/O 2013 announcements, the search giant has implemented Google Now reminders feature from Knowledge Graph search results.

From now on whenever you’re signed in with your Google account and make a search that returns a Knowledge Graph entry containing a future date, you’ll get a “Remind me” button. For now, search for upcoming movies and holidays work best. The reminders for the latter will pop up in Now a week in advance, while movie reminders will be pushed to your smartphone on the premiere day.

To get a list of your current reminders as well as the option to dismiss a some of them, open Google Now on your Android smartphone or tablet and go to “My stuff” – “Reminders”.

Google Play Games leaked ahead of Google I/O

Earlier, the APK teardown of the MyGlass application had suggested that a new Android gaming service from Google was on the way. Now, the official APK of the Google Play Games has been leaked ahead of Google I/O.

The teardown of the MyGlass app had showed us that the service would include real time and turn based multiplayer, in-game chat, leader boards, invitations, lobbies and achievements. However, the latest teardown of the Google Play Games APK indicates the inclusion of syncing game saves and Play Games will have notifications, which are controlled by Google+ Circles.

The Google Play Games will also have an icon branding to indicate which game supports the app. This latest service from Google is expected to be announced in the upcoming Google I/O event.