Freshen up your Google Pixel XL with these stickers

Google’s Pixel XL smartphone is out now, but its release is followed by some controversy. The high price aside, lots of people are complaining about its uninspiring design. Now where is a solution for that.

Bill Stebbins is selling a set of two stickers for the Pixel XL – one to freshen up your G logo, and the other is a replica of the Pixel C battery bar.

While those have no functions whatsoever (unlike the Pixel C battery bar), they really add some spirit to the Pixel XL and it looks, well, more Google’s than before.

The set costs just $9 (or $10 for non-US citizens) and can be easily applied on the Pixel XL. You can get those stickers from here.

I have to admit the stickers seem capable to change the attitude toward the Pixel XL, as those make it more unique and recognizable, and in the meantime, they ease the transition between the glass and metal pieces around the back.


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