Nokia aims to make October 20 International Mobile Photography Day

Nokia would like to name October 20 (cleverly spelled by Nokia 10.20) the International Mobile Photography day and has teamed up with some Associated Press photojournalists to bring a “mobile photo documentary” and a “Life Unexpected” video.


The mobile photo documentary will bring together series of photos from people around the world, while the best will make it to the video, which is said to air on Monday, October 21.

Everyone is welcome to join the International Mobile Photography Day by posting their photos from October 20 on Twitter along with a hashtag #1020MobilePhotoDay.

Naturally, that’s little else but another (admittedly nicely thought) marketing push by Nokia, who flaunts itsLumia 1020 (see what they did with the date there) and its humongous 1/1.5″ 41 MP camera sensor, but any smartphone camera owner is welcome to join.


Hangouts for iOS gets voice calls

Google has issued an update for its Hangouts app on iOS. The latest version of the popular messaging service allows you to place free voice calls as long as you live in the US and Canada.

The app uses your Google Voice number for both outgoing and incoming calls. Calls outside the two countries work too, albeit for a fee.

Furthermore, the update for Hangouts also brings support for animated GIFs in chats. The changelog also includes automatic music pausing when there is an incoming Hangouts call. Previously, the song was stopped, instead of just paused.

Google is likely to share the latest news regarding its Hangouts app for Android at the upcoming Android 4.4 KitKat event. As usual we suspect more goodies and features will be added, hopefully including SMS support.